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MEChA Statewide High School Conference


The MEChA High School Conference is the only conference of its kind that brings together an average of 350 students, who during the school year maintain their chapter active through cultural, social and educational events in their high schools.

It is a one-day conference during a non school day held in the fall and hosted by a High School Chapter. The Chapter plans the conference with the support of their Advisors, School Administrators, Community, College Students and MEChA Statewide. Thus giving students an opportunity to gain and build their leadership and organizing skills. The proceeds of the conference go to the hosting chapter to fund their annual activities.

The Statewide Conference provides an opportunity for students to share best practices, ideas and experiences in student government. In addition, the conference is venue in which students learn about issues currently affecting the Latino youth and the community, higher education, leadership, academic success, and civic involvement.

Host the 2014 Conference!

Let us know during the 2013 MEChA Leadership Institute

To host the High School Conference this spring:
  1. Prepare a 5 minute presentation explaining why your Chapter should host it. Make sure the Chapter has support from the Advisor and the School Principal before presenting!
  2. Present it at the 2013 MEChA Leadership Institute, show your enthusiasm! Be Creative! This is your chance to stand out and fundraise for your Chapter.
  3. MEChA Statewide will announce hosting soon after the Leadership Institute!