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Statewide Overview

MEChA Statewide (Statewide) is a private not for profit organization who’s goals are to

  • Promote educational excellence
  • Build leadership in Latino students and all it's members
  • Form a community of students that participate in community service and civic involvement
  • Create a sense of belonging through cultural enrichment
The organization was established in 1994 in response to the increasing drop out rates and the lack of initiatives for the advancement of Latina/o high school students. Statewide is the first formal MEChA organization formed outside of the college campus setting in Oregon, founded by the four established MEChA College Chapters: Portland State University, University of Oregon, Oregon State University and Portland Community College at Rock Creek. From this, Statewide evolved and soon after developed into Statewide by a group of educators, community members, college students, and professionals 1995. Statewide now oversees and coordinates programs for MEChA High School chapters (Members).

An average of 20 MEChA high school chapters throughout the State of Oregon, totaling an average of 500 students, form part of Statewide. About 10% of high school students that are part of a MEChA Chapter pursue a post-secondary education. Those who enroll in a higher education institution often continue their involvement with MEChA organizations at their college campus. Historically, MEChA students go back to the community and engage in a wide spectrum of leadership roles.